Patrol Member of the Month

Congratulations to Jason Simmons from Patrol 8 the worthy recipient of Patrol Member of the Month. Jason and his wife moved to Canberra at the start of last season and since then they have combined their monthly trip to Newcastle for Jason’s patrol with visits to relatives.

For his patrol on Saturday 6 February Jason’s wife was working night shift, so they weren’t able to head to Newcastle together. However Jason, mindful of his commitment to Patrol 8, rose early in Canberra and drove to Newcastle to sign on at 10:00am.

He spend the day on the beach and in the water, then signed off with the team after 5:00pm after helping to pack away. Jason then drove back to Canberra so that he could be home when his wife returned from work.

This is something like a 900km round trip wholly and solely to attend a patrol which we think might be a record. We think this must be a record! Jason is a valued member of Merewether SLSC and a worthy recipient of the Patrol Member of the Month award. Jason is shown below surrounded by some members of Patrol 8 and with Club Captain Dave Hoar

Patrol Member of the Month -
Patrol Member of the Month Jason with Club Captain Dave Hoar.

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Patrol Member of the Month -