Merewether SLSC Education

All members wishing to become surf lifesavers must complete their training for the Surf Life Saving Australia Bronze Medallion (Certificate II in Public Safety – Aquatic Rescue). The Bronze Medallion is a Nationally Recognised Qualification and teaches a range of activities in order to be able to perform all the basic requirements of a lifesaver:

  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Beach types
  • Wave patterns
  • Currents
  • Resuscitation
  • First aid
  • Communication techniques
  • Radio communications
  • Multiple rescue techniques
  • Patrolling methods

The Merewether SLSC also offers additional training to its active members which assist with their patrolling operations:

  • IRB Driver
  • IRB Crew
  • Spinal Management
  • Surf Rescue Certificate
  • Radio Operators

Dates for annual proficiencies at Merewether SLSC may be found on the Patrol Information section of the website.

Advanced livesaver training is also provided by the Hunter Surf Lifesaving.  Refer to the Hunter Surf Life Saving Education Courses section of their website to register interest for their additional courses on offer.

For members undertaking lifesaving education courses, refer below to forms and links to additional Training Resources: