Merewether SLSC exists to provide volunteer patrols at Merewether Beach and its surrounds.  By joining us as an active patrol member you are committing to doing patrols as nominated by the patrol roster.  Patrolling Members are part of a team and as such are expected to work within and support that team.

You must be proficient and, for insurance purposes, you need to be financial to participate in club patrol activities. You will also be encouraged to become familiar with the patrol rules and procedures that are in place.

You will be expected to arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of your patrol for a pre-briefing.  This allows time for the AM patrol to be organised and setup before 9am, and for the PM patrol to get organised and show the courtesy of relieving the morning patrol on time.  The PM patrol will conclude not earlier than 5pm.

Your patrolling uniform must be worn at all times when on duty. Skull caps must be worn when in the surf.

If you cannot make a patrol you are expected to:

  1. Find a substitute to take your position.  This could be a member from the Active Reserve list, or a member from another patrol. Email: or LOGIN into your SLS Portal Account and make your changes.
  2. Notify your patrol captain at least a few days prior, where possible so they are prepared.

Notifying the patrol captain and failing to show up is considered a “no show” and not only puts a strain on the patrol resources but conflicts with our council Beach Patrol Agreement and more importantly, could also put the safety of the public at risk.

As an active member three “no shows” over the season will result in the termination of you membership.

You are expected to be vigilant when on patrol and to never leave the patrol without notifying your patrol captain. We encourage you to enjoy yourself when on patrol and if you are not sure of something ask you patrol captain for the information.


Garry Semetka – Club Captain

Gemma McMillian – Vice Club Captain