Merewether SLSC Patrol Raffles

Every Friday throughout the year the Merewether SLSC runs a meat raffle at The Beach Hotel ( to raise money towards the assisting of ongoing surf club operations.

Raffle sellers should meet at The Beach Hotel at approximately 5.30pm on their rostered day. The procedure for the Friday night Beach Hotel raffles follows.  The prizes are:

  • One tray of meat (see bar staff or John Twohill – The Beaches to be paid $30.00 out of takings for meat).
  • One $25.00 voucher from Newcastle Fish Co-operative (kept in hotel’s safe – again see bar staff or John Twohill).

Raffles tickets and other material can be found in the usual place downstairs in the cellar. Raffles can again be conducted in the same way as previously – tickets $1.00 each or seven tickets for $5.00. Separate raffles can be conducted for meat tray and then seafood vouchers.

Penny Britz is the Raffles Manager. If you would like to join the Raffle Team email

patrol raffles