Our Committee for 2016/2017 Season

New faces on the committee are always welcome! Every name you see on this page started out as a new Nipper supervisor with no knowledge of how Nippers runs. No qualifications are needed, just an interest in working together for the club and for our kids.

If you are interested in getting involved please message us via our Facebook page.

Junior Activities Coordinators:Kris Wall & Brad Clarkejac@merewetherslsc.com.au
Secretary:Julie Suttonjuniorssecretary@merewetherslsc.com.au
Treasurer:Nathan McKelligottjuniorstreasurer@merewetherslsc.com.au
Juniors Registrar:Suzy Wall & Cathy Lyonsjuniorsregistrar@merewetherslsc.com.au
Communications Officer:Dana Williamsjuniorsinfo@merewetherslsc.com.au
Competition Manager:Jamie Boswellcomps@merewetherslsc.com.au
Social Activities:Suzy Walljuniorssocial@merewetherslsc.com.au
Merchandise Manager:Terry Newmerchandise@merewetherslsc.com.au
Merchandise Distributors:Lisa Mulhearn & Jess Mulhearn
Age Manager Coordinator:
Rookie / Youth Coordinator:
Committee Members: