As a Club we are immensely proud of our patrolling members and would like to highlight the achievements and extend our congratulations for these very well -deserved accolades.

Highlights of the night. 

Jamie Paras –    Club Person of the Year

Terry Flynn   –    Patrol Person of the Year

Dave Hoar    –     Patrol Captain of the Year

Oscar Wright –   Presidential Award

Patrol 7 –            Patrol of the Year

Trish Stallard –  Competitor of the Year

Encourgement Awards:

Jae-Hun Yang

Martin Reilly

Appreciation Awards:

Norm Rodgers – Garry Semetka – Iain Kelso – Cal Burke – Dane Miller

Jason Simmons – Steph Roche

Patrol Games 2019 Winners

Girls: Tahlia – Sarah – Gemma-

Kathy – Karen – Jan

Mens:  Aaron – Cooper – Mitch

Jamie – Bruce – Dave

Patrol 1 winner of the 2019 games. 

Most Improved IRB Crew member: 

Mitch Thomson

Service Commitment to Functions: 
Emma Gale

*All patrolling members can collect the 100% Awards from their Patrol Captains.