Surf Boats

2016/2017 Season

- 'Come and Try Surf Craft' morning - TBA

- Sunday Social Surfboat Rowing (fitness row for ~45mins, followed by coffee) @ Horseshoe Beach (staying on the Hunter River, no surf work) - TBA



The name of Merewether's first surfboat was the 'John Bull' and cost 10 pounds


Surfboat History (work in progress) - If you can help fill in some gaps please email

Years Surfboat Crew Results
2014/2015 Open Women - Ellie Ryan, Courtney Daunt, Cassie Screen, Hannah Archer - Lawton, Jess Coote, Sweep - Toni Woodcock  
2013/2014 Open Women - Ellie Ryan, Cassie Screen, Jess Coote, Hannah Archer-Lawton, Sweeps - Emma Gale, Toni Woodcock  
2012/2013      Masters Women - Sheena Harvey, Toni Woodcock, Joanne Denham,  Collete Brennan, Sweep - Michael Rees  
2011/2012 Masters Women - Emma Gale, Toni Woodcock, Joanne Denham, Sheena Harvey, Sweep - Michael Rees  

Juniors - Kieran Gordon, Chris Griffin, Dylan Jones, Luke Toovey, Sweep - Michael Rees


Masters Women - Emma Gale, Joanne Denham, Rebecca Wolf, Amy Walker, sweep - Michael Rees

2009/2010 Masters Women - Emma Gale, Toni Woodcock, Rebecca Wolf, Amy Walker, Sweep - Michael Rees    Aussies - Gold (120yrs Masters women), State - Gold
Open Men / Reserves - Dane Miller, Mitchell Rees, Cameron Keast, Justin Humphries, Sweep - Michael Rees  
2008/2009 Masters Women ?- Rosemary Dan, Angela Tiedeman, Jan Roche, Sam East, ? Sweep - Michael Rees  

Masters Women  - Rosemary Dan, Angela Tiedeman, Jan Roche, Toni Woodcock, Emma Gale, Carolyn Newton, Sweep - Michael Rees        

Masters Men - Bruce Rummins, Todd Hetherington, Scott Kirkman, James 'Jimmie' Williams, Sweep - Michael Rees  
Past Rowers
  Glenn Crompton, Cliff Ireland, Michael Rees (sweep and rower), Garry Miller (sweep and rower), Al Woodhams (sweep and rower), Cameron Taggart,  
  Jeff 'Aggy' Agland, Cliff Agland, Bill 'Captain Henry' Morgan, Jim Wilcox,  
  Peter Alcock, Ross 'Ferret' Purvis, Les Sherwood, Mark Anderson, Laurie March, Brad March, Darren Meredith,  
  Trevor Rees, Mark Pippin, Ron Bland, Cliff 'Sabu' or 'Bomber' Brown, David Ebrill, Peter Garbutt, Roy Gibbs, Michael 'Cheese' Gill, George 'Stugger' Hinchcliffe (sweep), Ted Jefferson (sweep), Alan Neader, Dennis Neader,  Ray Nelson, Steve 'Lightning' Rich, Gary Sumpton, John 'Sidney Sumpoil' Sumpton, Evan 'Rocky' Walton (sweep), Bill 'Wog' or 'Paddles' Warren, Phil Watt